Bon Mot: Two-Part Comedy Show at Southeast Portland’s Jade Lounge Sunday, May 4th, 2014

Bon Mot 3
Please join us for Bon Mot: Two-Part Comedy Show this Sunday, May 4th at Southeast Portland’s beautiful Jade Lounge!

For those of you not familiar, Bon Mot: Two-Part Comedy show is a full night of Comedy in two separate and unique showcases.  Whether you come for the Early (Bon) show, the Late (Mot) show, or both, you’ll be taking in a full night of funny.

…And Here’s the Lineup:

Early (Bon) Show
Seating at 6pm, Show at 6:30pm


James Barela- Fresh Comedic voice and Portland transplant by way of the great American Southwest.

Adam Pasi- Producer, Comedy Every Sunday Forever at Chinese Village.  (You guessed it, the show happens every Sunday.  Definitely check it out sometime!)

Jonas Barnes- Co-Producer, Smut Presents, Touring Comedian and Talent Booker/Producer for productions at Comedy Clubs all over the Northwest.  Locally, the Funhouse Lounge and Dantes.  (New showcase at Dantes!  See our calendar on Meetup!)

Late (Mot) Show
Seating at 8pm, Show at 8:30pm


Matt Styner
- Producer, Laugh Yer Ass off every Monday at the Starday Tavern, Producer, Open Mic night every Thursday at 9pm at Dusty’s Bar and Grill.

Lauryn Petrie- Co-Producer SMUT Presents. Next show, May 18th.  (Details on our calendar soon)

Amanda Arnold- Touring Comedian based here in Portland and past winner of Willamette Valley’s Funniest Competition.

Both Showcases Hosted Expertly By:
Patrick Thomas Perkins

Bon Mot is a donation-based show with a $5 suggested donation per showcase.
five spot

PDX Comedy Fans Productions Presents: Bon Mot: Two-Part Comedy Show! Sunday, April 6th 2014

Bon Mot: Two-Part Comedy Show is back with a duet of showcases sure to make you sing with laughter!

Whether you attend the Early (Bon) show, the Late (Mot) show, or both, you’ll be taking in a full night of funny featuring some of Portland’s top Comedic Talent.

Bon Mot: Two-Part Comedy Show is every first Sunday at SE Portland's Jade Lounge!

Bon Mot: Two-Part Comedy Show is every first Sunday at SE Portland’s Jade Lounge!

This month we celebrate PDX Comedy Fans Co-Organizer, Anessa Deathrage‘s Birthday in style with performances by:

Early (Bon) Show:
Seating at 6pm, Show at 6:30pm
Hosted by Grace Sadie
Featuring: Scott Von Wald
Starring: Nathan Brannon (Portland’s Funniest Person 2012, Willamette Week’s Funniest 5, I Black Out)

Late (Mot) Show:
Seating at 8pm, Show at 8:30pm
Hosted by Grace Sadie
Introducing: Tom Booth
Featuring: Julia Ramos
Starring: Big Jim Willig (KUFO, Big and Loud Podcast)

Additional information on the gorgeous Jade Lounge, including menus (They have amazing food!) and directions can be found on their website Here.

Come Laugh With Us This Sunday, April 6th, 2014!

~Christina Booth, Organizer, For PDX Comedy Fans

Bon Mot is a donation-based show.  100% of donations go to performers

Bon Mot is a donation-based show. 100% of donations go to performers

Photos of Jade Lounge Courtesy of,, and

Photos of Jade Lounge Courtesy of,, and

jade #2Jade Door

PDX Comedy Fans Productions Presents: Bon Mot: Two-Part Comedy Show

Since November of 2011, the PDX Comedy Fans network has grown from its original group on Meetup to include a Facebook page, a Twitter account, and this website.  Now comes an exciting new addition to the network: PDX Comedy Fans Productions.

The show’s title, Bon Mot, is a French expression which literally translates to “Good word.”  A bon mot is defined as a witty remark or comment, pronounced bawn moh.

So why the funny name?

It has always been, and continues to be, the aim of the PDX Comedy Fans network to highlight and spread word of the achievements and projects of Comedians living and working within the Portland Comedy community.  Bon Mot provides additional opportunity to do just that through quality shows bringing fans and Comedians together.

Please join us for our first event: Bon Mot: Two-Part Comedy Show at Southeast Portland’s Jade Lounge on Sunday, March 2nd, 2014.

As its full title suggests, Bon Mot: Two-Part Comedy Show is a full night of Comedy in two separate, yet complete, showcases with unique lineups.  Whether you choose to attend the early show, the late show, or both, you will be taking in a robust evening of laughter and merriment.

Bon Mot is every first Sunday of the month, premiering March 2nd, 2014!

Bon Mot is every first Sunday of the month, premiering March 2nd, 2014!

Bon Mot: Two-Part Comedy Show

Early (Bon) Show:
Seating at 6pm with music by DJ: Mr. Doobs
Show at 6:30pm until 8pm
(Patrons 18 and over may join us until 8pm)

The Performers:

Andy Schanz:
Andy Schanz’s combination of stand up, lively songs, and impressions of famous characters has amused and delighted audiences at Comedy clubs all over the region including Harvey’s, Helium, and the Bend Comedy run.  Andy is also a past winner of the Eugene Laff Off Competition.

Belinda Carroll:
Belinda Carroll is a nationally-touring Comedian, contributing writer for such publications as PQ Monthly and Curve, Singer, Actress, and Producer.  A true powerhouse who combines hilarity with social activism and makes everyone feel included with her act.

Scoot Herring:
Scoot Herring’s website bills him as a, “Comedian. Karaoke DJ.  Pug Owner.”  His explorations of topics such as time travel, Disney, and “Dude Bros” are guaranteed to bring nerdy glee to the hearts of young and old alike.  Check out his podcast, Press Scoot to Continue.

Jason Traeger
Jason Traeger’s out-of-this-world Comedy pulls from his experiences organizing and participating in independent art and music scenes and his travels as a visual artist; drawing, painting, sculpting, and documenting.  His elegantly moving Portland Stand-Up Comedy Photo Album is a MUST see.

Late (Mot) Show:
Seating at 8pm with music by DJ: Mr. Doobs
Show at 8:30pm until 10pm
(Patrons must be 21 and over after 8pm)

The Performers:

Trevor Thorpe
Trevor Thorpe, a transplant from San Diego, has been described as, “Sometimes dark and cynical, but always fun.”  A former student of Film and Screenwriting, Trevor has successes in performing and producing Stand Up Comedy, both of which he does with unmistakeable Rock and Roll style. 

Grace Sadie:
Grace Sadie Cejas, a spirited Latina and Rock ‘n’ Roll Mama, draws funny from a life filled with unconventional experiences.  Once described as “Sweet Like a Cavity,” she brings the laughs all over the West, and as far away as Dick’s Beantown Comedy Vault in Boston, MA.  She’s also performed in the 7th Annual NW Women’s Comedy Festival.

Boomer is a former on-air radio personality, and one half of the once #1 rated drive-time Cort and Boomer show on the now-defunct KUFO.  Boomer is currently taking his sharp wit to a whole other level performing live Stand-Up Comedy.  He is known for his playful crowd work and keen observations, and produces a weekly Comedy show at the World Famous Cannabis Cafe.

Nariko Ott:
Nariko was once dubbed “The Frank Zappa of Portland Comedy” by the press, and it just kind of stuck.  His off-the-wall style is 110% Rock, as evidenced by the Portland Mercury quote: “Nariko Ott has decided that Comedy can be Metal.”  In fact, this former Finalist in the Portland’s Funniest Person Contest is so Comedy/Metal that he produces a show that’s just that: Lex Hilaris at White Owl Social Club.  (More details TBA soon)

Both the Early (Bon) and the Late (Mot) showcases are hosted by Anessa Deathrage, Artist, Comedian, and Co-Organizer for PDX Comedy Fans.

five spotA suggested donation of $5 per showcase is asked to compensate performers.  (Although, donating more is certainly not frowned upon!)

Slide In To Funny With Headliner Gabriel Rutledge at The Slide Inn


From Our Page On Meetup:

Slide In To Funny is an evening of hilarious Comedy, German Beer, (Bier!) Schnitzel and Spatzle at acclaimed Southeast Portland restaurant, The Slide Inn.  Join us for hearty, delicious food and laughs!

Comedian Headliner Gabriel Rutledge can be seen on Comedy Central’s Live at Gotham and the nationally-syndicated Comedy.TV. He can be heard as a regular guest on The Bob and Tom Show and as one half of the popular podcast, The Rutledges. He is a past winner of the prestigious Seattle International Comedy Competition, which draws thousands of submissions annually from Comedians all over the world.
Gabriel Rutledge’s full Bio can be found Here.

Feature Amanda Arnold is a past winner of the Willamette Valley’s Funniest competition and Co-Host of Anarchy Radio Thursday nights on House of Sound. Her down-to-Earth and relatable comedic style makes her a crowd favorite wherever she performs.  (And she’s performed all over!)

Hosting this full night of funny is Scott Von Wald, nationally-touring Comedian and founder of Status Dropout Entertainment, purveyor of some of the finest professional Comedy shows in the Northwest.

But wait…There’s more…

The Slide Inn has screen credits as well! This beautiful eatery, described on their website as, “A corner gathering spot serving Modern American, German favorites with a global flair,” can be seen on NBC’s Grimm, (S2,E12 “Season of the Hexenbiest“) and very soon, IFC’s Portlandia.

The Slide Inn is a gorgeous mid-century modern inn with a full menu of delicious and satisfying food and drink. There’s something for everyone, and the Slide Inn offers Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten-Free selections, as well as Natural meat dishes.  (You can view some of their menu selections on the Slide Inn website Here.)

Tickets for this show are only $8 at the door.
Doors open at 8pm, Show at 8:30pm

Parking is off-street and free of charge.
The Slide Inn is just South of Trimet bus line #20

This show is Produced by Status Dropout Entertainment in Association with PDX Comedy Fans Productions.

Pssst!  For more Comedy show info and behind-the-scenes extras, Follow PDX Comedy Fans on Twitter, and “Like” on Facebook!


Image of Slide Inn Courtesy of

The lovely interior of the Slide Inn.  (Can you blame location scouts for wanting to film television shows at Slide Inn?)

Image of Slide Inn Courtesy of

Also…Check out Slide Inn’s 5 star rating on Trip Advisor and mouth-watering mention on Thrillist.


Our First Meetup of 2014: SMUT Presents: Sean Rouse

SMUT Sean Rouse

Our first Meetup of 2014 is one for fans of Comedy with a decidedly darker sense of humor…Is that you?
…If so, read on!

From Our Page on Meetup:

Producer and Comedian Jonas Barnes and Co-Producer, Lauryn Pithey-Petrie aren’t holding anything back in 2014.

A series of recent successes with Producing massively talent-stacked Comedy shows is gaining Northwest Comedy even more momentum and buzz, and they have expressed their intention to continue to build on their triumphs whilst pulling in even more top talent for the SMUT series of shows.  This show’s lineup is a prime example of just what their ambitions yield.

The first SMUT show of 2014 boasts a Headliner with a seriously impressive Comedic resume.  Headliner Sean Rouse can be seen in the movie Men in Black II, (2002) Dave Attell’s Insomniac Tour Featuring Sean Rouse, Greg Giraldo, and Dane Cook, (2005) Down and Dirty with Jim Norton, (2008) and The Unbookables. (2012)

January’s edition of the insanely stacked SMUT Presents also Features Performances by:

Lonnie Bruhn
Once dubbed “The Black Sheep of Comedy,” Lonnie Bruhn‘s recent Stand-Up Comedy DVD, Truth Hurts, was received with much well-deserved acclaim.  Truth Hurts demonstrated an evolution in the veteran Comedian’s work and a mastery of a unique and personal storytelling style of Stand-Up.  It is not uncommon for one to feel as if they do not merely watch a Lonnie Bruhn performance, but rather live it through with him.
You can read just some of the press Lonnie received for Truth Hurts Here and Here.

Veronica Heath
Named by her peers as one of the kindest souls in Portland Comedy, the multi-talented Veronica Heath can be seen in IFC’s Portlandia and the film, Bridgetown: A Documentary.

Trevor Thorpe
Trevor Thorpe, a transplant from San Diego, has been described as, “Sometimes dark and cynical, but always fun.”  You can read more about Trevor in a short Bio Featured Here.

Lauryn Pithey Petrie
Co-Producer, Comedian, Actress, and incredible talent Lauryn Pithey-Petrie rocks stages with her hard-hitting and intensely personal edge-of-your-seat brand of Comedy.  Her cathartic and riveting Comedic voice has developed from a history that she recounts in a way that will stun you in its unabashed honesty.

Jonas Barnes
SMUT is Hosted by Producer and Comedian Jonas Barnes.  Confident and direct in his delivery of big laughs, Jonas Barnes has compelled audiences all over, including patrons of his home club, The Tacoma Comedy Club and festival goers at Seattle’s Bumbershoot.  Read Jonas Barnes’ impressive Bio Here.

You can find more information on the Funhouse Lounge Here.

This show is $15 at the Door and $10 online at

Note: SMUT is a show for those with a darker sense of humor, and not for the faint of heart.  If cleaner, more “Family style” Comedy is your thing, be sure to check out Slide In To Funny with Gabriel Rutledge on January 28th.

Also Note: The Funhouse Lounge’s decor contains a lot of images of clowns.  Just thought I’d mention that in case it is an issue for anyone…

January: Resolve to Laugh!

I’ve never really been big on New Years Resolutions, personally.  But if I was to have one, it would definitely be to laugh more in 2014 than I did in 2013.

Here are some shows that can help anyone with a need to laugh more…Open your Facebooks, Click Attending, and Invite Friends!  (Shows in bold are Official Meetups.)

Friday, January 10th, 2014 at Action/Adventure Theater: Free Chips and Salsa Showcase
Monday, January 13th, 2014 at the Starday Tavern: Laugh Yer A** Off!
Wednesday, January 15th, 2014 at Crush: Comedy at Crush: January Edition

Sunday, January 19th, 2014 at Funhouse Lounge: SMUT with Headliner Sean Rouse

Tuesday, January 28th, 2014 at The Slide Inn: Slide In To Funny with Headliner Gabriel Rutledge

hello january

Undisputedly Funny! Comedian Honest John Comes to the Northwest December 5th-7th

Los Angeles-based Comedian and Actor, Honest John, is coming to the Northwest for three dates: Milwaukie, Oregon on Thursday, December 5th; Portland, Oregon on Friday, December 6th; and Vancouver, Washington on Saturday, December 7th.

That’s right!  We’ve teamed up with Comedian-owned and operated Status Dropout Entertainment to bring Def Comedy Jam and BET Comic View Legend, Honest John to a venue near you for three unforgettable nights of Comedy.  Tell your friends, your family, your barista, your mail carrier, the manager of the produce department at your local grocery store…

Come out and support live Comedy in Milwaukie, Portland and Vancouver!

honest john oak groveKicking off the Undisputedly Funny with Headliner Honest John series, the Oak Grove Comedy show date will be a special “Secret show” performance.  Featuring Amanda Arnold, Special Guest Ken ThunderKat Hamlett, and Host Scott Von Wald.
No cover for this “Secret Show” kick-off celebration

Honest John Spare Room UpdatedPortland Comedy on a Friday night?  Count me in!
For this night of Undisputedly Funny with Headliner Honest John, we have accomplished Comedian Todd Armstrong Featuring and Scott Von Wald as our “Hilariously Irreverent” Host.

I gotta add that I really like the venue for this show.  It’s one of my favorite Portland hangouts.  A quick Google search shows me that I am not alone there…
What the Press Says About The Spare Room Restaurant and Lounge:
The Mercury:
“Bars that will still be here in 2113″  Feb. 2013
Oregon Live:
Oregon Live Business Finder
One commenter says:
“The Spare Room is an up and coming music venue in Northeast Portland which is ironic since it has been around forever. Pros: Great stage, Dance Floor, ample tables and elbow room”  Apr. 2013
Another commenter says:
“This lounge keeps it REAL. Unpretentious and a good time for all.” Jul. 2012
Willamette Week:
Drink 2010
“For the past year, I have been privileged to live within stumbling distance of the best bar in Portland. I have used the Spare Room for first dates, ostensible business meetings, actual business meetings, afterparties, sports viewing and smoke breaks with a former mayoral candidate.”
Drink 2009
“This longtime Northeast Portland dive is the black hole of hip. And I mean that in the best way possible.”

Tickets for Undisputedly Funny with Headliner Honest John at the Spare Room are available at the door on the night of the show and are only $10.
Invite your Facebook Friends HERE
honest john flyer vancouverUndisputedly Funny with Headliner Honest John makes its last stop in Vancouver, Washington for a Comedy show at favorite local hangout, the Quarterdeck Bar.
RyNo, Host of Stand-Up Sit Down on KOUV Radio will be Hosting Undisputedly Funny with Scott Von Wald Featuring and Special Guest Lance Edward.

Rustic and Nautically-themed, the Quarterdeck is the perfect place for a Bon Voyage show.  Cover for the send-off is ONLY $3
Invite Your Facebook Friends HERE

Bio for Comedian/Actor Honest John:

In June of 1987, John Basinger was working as a nurse and heading into a predictable middle age. Maybe it was a mid-life crisis that caused him to take the name Honest John and start running around Los Angeles telling jokes.

“I just went anywhere I could get on stage,” he recalls, “clubs, coffeehouses, bars, restaurants, anywhere I could get up. After a while I was like a fanatic, I just couldn’t do it enough. I knew that this is what I was meant to do.” Then one Thursday night, a comedian named Gerald McQuirter invited him to an open mic at the Comedy Act Theater, one of the foremost black venues in the country.

“Actually, he dragged me along with him, just called me up and said, ‘Saddle up, John, we’re going,’ and I got up and slammed.” Soon, Honest John became a fixture on the black circuit in the Los Angeles area. “People would come up to me on the street and ask where I was going to perform next. It blew my mind.”

Triumphant appearances on BET’s Comic View, HBO’s Def Comedy Jam, and Showtime at the Apollo introduced him to fans all across the country, leading to appearances at clubs and theaters nationwide and a two year run on the Def Comedy Jam tour. He has also done many military tours in places as far away as Korea, Okinawa, and Japan.

He has guest starred on The Jamie Foxx Show, The Lyricist Lounge Show, and Showtime in Harlem. He can also be seen in films like The Wash, For Da Love of Money, Foolish, and other urban comedies.

As for the future, Honest John says he’s working on a comedy special and would like to do more acting.

Come Laugh With Us at Our Second Anniversary Comedy Show Meetup!

Come Laugh With Us at our Second Year Anniversary Comedy Show Meetup

Come Laugh With Fellow Fans of Comedy at the Second Year Anniversary PDX Comedy Fans Meetup!

Check out who’s turning two!  PDX Comedy Fans!

But, we can’t just celebrate two years of getting together to enjoy local Comedy at just any ol’ showcase…

…So we have had a very special event at a fantastic venue created with our joyous milestone firmly in mind!

We’ve teamed up with Comedian-owned Status Dropout Entertainment to put together a show that is sure to be enjoyed by all who attend:

Undisputedly Funny with Headliner Debbie Wooten


Back by popular demand, Debbie Wooten tore the roof off at a Meetup we had last March.  I received tons of wonderful feedback about that show, so when it was time to start planning our Second Anniversary Bash, Debbie’s ever-evolving, never-the-same-show-twice, downright hilarious Comedy act seemed a perfect pick for the festivities.

Debbie Wooten is joined by Feature Comedian, Producer, and long-time PDX Comedy Fans supporter, Scott Von Wald, who is freshly back from a Western states tour, ripe with new material and wisdom from the road.

Scott will be taping his performance for an up-coming Comedy DVD, so let’s cheer him on!

Undisputedly Funny will be Hosted by The Real Hyjinx who dominated the polls as a national audience favorite on Season 1, Episode 3 of AMC’s Showville.

The location for this very special Comedy event is also something you are more than welcome to write home about.  The newly remodeled and re-imagined Alberta Street Pub is centrally-located in the heart of the Alberta Arts District.

The Alberta Street Pub (Or ASP if you’re really into abbreviations) offers friendly service, a great menu, (Boiled peanuts?! Yay!) and comfortable yet tasteful surroundings adorned thoughtfully with works by local artists.

ASP is truly a great place to kick back, relax, watch a Comedy show…

Undisputedly Funny is open to everyone regardless of if they are an existing member of this group.  Please help us spread the word on this stellar show, and feel free to bring guests to join us.

With respect to this show being on a weekday, it is set to begin at around 8:30 pm, and end before 10:30 pm.  I have set the Meetup time for 8pm so that we have some time to mingle and get some beverages and food.

Tickets for Undisputedly Funny are $7 each and are available at the door beginning at 7pm day of show.  This show is 21 and over.

Headliner Debbie Wooten’s Bio:

Debbie Wooten has been doing Comedy for over twenty years, helping people from coast to coast get their laugh on. She has brought her Comedy show, From My Heart and My Uterus, the Only Thing I Know to audiences all over the country.  

Discovered by Comedian Sinbad at a local competition, Debbie has been bringing deep belly laughs ever since. She has performed with a host of Comedy greats including Jamie Foxx, Joe Torry, Louie Anderson, and many more. She has won several national comedy competitions and appeared on Nick at Nite’s Search for the Funniest Mom in America.

Debbie Wooten has just finished starring in her first feature-length film, The Pony Man.  Known by many as the Diva of Comedy, her in-your-face comedy style will have you rolling on the floor.

Debbie was born in South Chicago with Spina Bifida, and developed Polio as an infant. Isolated by color and disability, Debbie met the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. when she was just ten years old, an experience that changed her life. Debbie uses her life struggles and triumphs in her comedic and inspirational presentation to captivate a room with charm, love and knowledge. 

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Spotlight On: Scott Von Wald of Status Dropout Entertainment

We’ve always had a lot of fun at Meetups planned around shows produced by Comedian-owned and operated organization, Status Dropout Entertainment.
So, in anticipation of our next PDX Comedy Fans Meetup this Friday, September 6th at Undisputedly Funny, I sat down with Founder, Scott Von Wald, and asked him a few questions about what makes Status Dropout shows so special.

Me: Let’s get right to it.  What is Status Dropout Entertainment?

Scott Von Wald:
It’s my media production company.  We produce Comedy shows, as well as multimedia work for entertainers.

Me: How are Status Dropout shows different from other locally-produced Comedy shows?

Scott Von Wald:
Well, we grow our shows from all-natural organic vegetables…

I just try to do something a little different.  I don’t want my shows to be something you can see anywhere else.  I try to bring the Comedy club experience to a more intimate venue. I feature a mix of local and out-of-town Headliners who make me laugh, and I try to create more avenues for them to get paid.

Me: What is your favorite part of putting on a show?  Least favorite?

Scott Von Wald:
My favorite part is putting together the line-up, picking Comics that I would like to see, and putting together a show that I am excited about.  I also have fun designing the flyers.  My least favorite part?  Passing out those flyers.

Me: Can you share with us a favorite moment from a past Status Dropout show?

Scott Von Wald:
I was on stage, Hosting.  My Mom was at the show, sitting next to a friend of mine.  I’m in the middle of a joke when all of a sudden, my Mom’s voice fills up the whole room.  I can’t even hear myself.  She has one of those voices that when she calls you, you have to hold the phone like three feet from your head.

So, my Mom’s unintentionally heckling me, so I have to say, “Mom.  No talking.  You of all people should know that!” then I added, “I would kick her out, but she’s my ride…”

Me: Yeah!  I remember that moment.  That was hilarious!

Status Dropout Entertainment is an interesting name for an organization.  Care to reveal how you came up with the name, and the meaning behind it?

Scott Von Wald:
Status Dropout, to me, just means blazing your own trail.  You can climb a mountain from any angle.  It’s how you want to climb it.  But make sure you know how to climb a mountain before they send a search party.  Because ten people will show up just to get on the news.

But, I initially got the name from a book called, The Pumphouse Gang, which is NOT a porno.

I used to make music in this basement that had a million books in it.  When I needed to name a track file, I’d open up a random book, and name the track after a title of a chapter.

Pumphouse Gang
was a book about 60′s counter-culture.  One chapter was called, ‘King of the Status Dropouts,’  I named a track that.  I didn’t read the chapter at first, and one day I went back and read it.  It was about Hugh Hefner, in the 60′s Chicago Playboy Mansion.

This guy never left the house.  He brought the show to him.  He said something like, ‘I haven’t left the house in six months, and that was to hang out with Sinatra.  I haven’t seen him in a while…’

He had everything he wanted right there.  He didn’t go out and schmooze with the who’s-who’s for photo ops.  He just did things his way.  Dropped out of the status game.

So, he’s King of the Status Dropouts.  I’m not so grandiose just yet.  I’m just a Status Dropout.  ♦

Status Dropout Entertainment is currently seeking venues looking to grow their business through hosting live Comedy events.  You can contact Status Dropout Entertainment through their website here.